December 17th, 2020 Posted by Social

How do we celebrate our “new normal,” when there’s so much desire for our old life back? This time of year is especially nostalgic for everyone. Sometimes what makes celebrations special (and marketing break through) isn’t capturing traditional cheer, but a breath of fresh air.

Apple’s viral video “Creativity Goes On” shows that people are hungry for vulnerability and truth. Think of ways you can highlight the resilience, ingenuity, and adaptability your brand or customers have shown these past few months. How can you celebrate the brilliance that came from this weird year?

Here at Norton, we were just as confused as everyone else this past March. Our wondering about what comes next turned into the Directives and Selectives you get in your inbox. We’ll continue to bring forward our best bets as to how to advantage you and your brand, so make sure you’re signed up. We’re looking forward to an eventful and exciting 2021.