October 30th, 2014 Posted by Capabilities, Creative, Interactive, Strategy, Web Design

Whether it’s backyard patios, front porches or outdoor kitchens, American homeowners are finding more and more reasons to spend time outside. In this environment, Chicago Brick Oven stands out as the premier wood-fired oven manufacturer. But online, they were being shouted down by competitors solely focused on driving traffic through keyword cramming SEO practices.
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Enter the redesigned Developed with a straightforward information architecture and navigation, the site allows visitors to choose their own journey through a unique mosaic design. Elegant programming enables fast load times on first visit. Along the way, engaged visitors are led on a path to becoming qualified leads.

“Our goal was to create a dynamic experience for visitors but still make it simple to find the most important information,” says Mike LoPiano, Norton Agency Executive Director of Strategy & Planning. “The mosaic tile layout is an intuitive vehicle to drive visitors to the rich content throughout the site.”

The mobile optimized site serves as the hub of an integrated social media strategy that distributes high-quality content—such as aspirational photography, video and digital animations. On the site, The Feed offers an aggregated view of all Chicago Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.34.18 AMBrick Oven’s social media activity—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Visitors to The Hangout can sign up for free downloads, including “The Essence of Wood-Fired Cooking” inspiration guide and wood-fired cookbook. Once registered, users can upload photos of their own installations and favorite recipes.

“Our customers are passionate about wood-fired cooking. We wanted that passion to shine through this site and our social media channels,” says Carm Parisi, President of Chicago Brick Oven. “There’s nothing like our ovens on the market. And now we have a website that reflects that.”

Visit the site here.