March 11th, 2020 Posted by Social

The statistics are impressive on how consumers interact with promotional messaging, especially videos. Studies have shown that 55% of internet users watch social media videos daily, and videos tend to get three times more interaction and clicks than static text posts. Our brains crave video content because we can process it 60,000 times faster than static posts.

We could spend all day talking about the why, but instead, let’s pivot to the how— because the how is what marketers worry about the most. How can I engage my consumer in a way that feels real-time and authentic? How will I still stick to my budget? Who can I trust to provide solutions for everything I need – digital, social, video, even print.

One solution? In an effort to lower costs and increase responsiveness, some consumer-goods companies are adding in-house production studios. This is especially important for video, social, and digital asset creation.

But what if an agency with a comprehensive and modern production studio could provide more creativity, increased agility and better quality, at the same (or better) cost, all while providing a deep knowledge of your industry, brand and campaign?

Meet the Norton Studio

The Norton Studio has the talent and tools required to conceptualize and create the work you need within any timeframe. Our full-service production platform draws on highly experienced, award-winning talent from multiple disciplines. We’re uniquely equipped to deliver all the impact your creative requires with our advanced design, print production, photography, video, imaging and digital capabilities.

“Our production team is involved along the whole project journey, so they know the client and the product from the start.” says Norton Account Supervisor Juliane Stagat, “They have context and a deep understanding of the overall project or campaign.

In the past year, the Norton Studio has gained extensive experience in generating engaging social media content. The content speaks to audiences from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and we have received rave reviews for our creativeness and agility.

“We are able to deliver highly engaging social content by utilizing the Studio to create video,” says Senior Account Executive Allie Dvorchak, who is our lead AE for social media strategy. “Our social media efforts have captured other brand’s attention and brought more work to our team. I love when we send over social video assets and clients respond with ‘that’s so freakin’ cool’.”

The Norton Studio helps major multinational brands across a broad spectrum of industries maximize their production investment—creating, producing and distributing dynamic marketing and advertising content. We’re always anticipating client needs and striving to exceed expectations.

At the Norton Agency, our repertoire of excellent work grows each and every day as we evolve around our clients to meet all their needs.  What can the Norton Studio create for you?