Alcon needed to reach the next generation of contact lens wearers, but first they needed to understand them – who they are and what makes them tick. They turned to the Norton Agency to learn more about this key demographic: Generation Z. We immersed ourselves in the lives of Gen Z, studied their needs and desires, and developed creative concepts fueled by deep research and in-person interviews.

The result is the New Wearer Campaign, a full-scale, multifaceted initiative that targets teens and young adults and positions DAILIES® AquaComfort® Plus contact lenses as the ideal lens for first-time wearers. We developed colorful, whimsical imagery akin to emojis and other digital graphics and deployed these images across tactics. We also created the campaign theme “Every Day is a New Story.” This idea conveys the convenience of daily disposable contact lenses, but more importantly, it invites our Gen Z target to fully express themselves and be their best with a contact lens that align with their lifestyle.

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