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Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Sue Gehrke

Aristotle called the source for all movement the Prime Mover. Creatively, Sue is ours. Our agency founder began her career on the client side of the business, but moved to the agency side to pursue the more creative side of advertising. Sue enjoys walks through plants (the manufacturing kind) and believes great advertising can often be created “from the details nobody’s discovered yet.” She also believes the Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band ever.

Partner, Executive Director of Strategy & Planning

Mike Lopiano

Whether it’s dissecting a business issue for a Fortune 50 client, or the flavor profile of a Bordeaux blend, Mike has never shied away from complexity. This New England transplant holds an M.B.A. from Wake Forest University School of Business and a B.B.A. in Finance from George Washington University. He’s an expert in category management across industries and a connoisseur of fine cars. Simply put, you can take the man out of Boston, as long as he’s in an Audi.

Vice President, Creative Services

Anthony Salgado

An aficionado of great food, wine and art, Anthony prefers a sense of order in his designs and his personal life. Whether it’s print, broadcast or interactive, he loves melding art and design to inspire a reaction. Living with two professional singers (wife and daughter), Anthony describes his current life as “diva-esque.” This Chicago native has a simple work philosophy: Never, ever leave anything undone.

Vice President, Strategy & Planning

Mark Miller

What do you get when you mix musical talent, an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for bringing brands to life? Mark. Prior to joining Norton, Mark founded Lure Music where he built a client base that included Altoids, Dove, Johnnie Walker, Miller Coors Brewing, Kellogg’s and Kraft. From composition and broadcast production to digital sound design, he’s heard it all. And in the process, this doting father of two has developed perfect pitch for brand messages that just sound right.

Vice President, Group Account Director

Kirsten Chiopelas

Some people build skyscrapers. Some build roads. Ever since graduating from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Economics, Kirsten has been busy building strong bridges for major brands that span the globe. She’s been our go-to on clients like Alcon, CIBA VISION, James Hardie Building Products, Mars Botanical and more. In her precious little time off, Kirsten loves to shop—particularly for shoes—and travel—especially to warm, exotic places with limited cell phone access.

Creative Director

Amy Wybo

Amy drew inspiration for a life in art from a colorful mix of comic strips and album covers. And like a true artist, she outdoes Elton John when it comes to matching her endless collection of eyeglasses to fit her outfit and mood. Originally hailing from the Motor City, Amy studied Advertising at Michigan State University and eventually headed for Chicago in pursuit of digital opportunities. She developed integrated marketing campaigns for Jim Beam Brands, Ford Automotive, Terlato Wines and Harrah’s Entertainment before landing at Norton, where she continues to spread her enthusiasm for blazing new creative trails and making clients look like rock stars. When not at work, she’s playing with fire in her backyard studio or hanging with her husband and two French bulldogs.

Associate Creative Director

Brian Quinn

Brian developed an interest in writing at a very early age, when his Mad Men-era Uncle Fred told stories about penning jingles and imagining product mascots as they cruised cross-town in his vintage Mustang convertible. Fred was the epitome of cool, complete with Lucky Strike cigarettes, and golf clubs at the ready. Today, Brian skips the smokes (and the links), but continues in Fred’s footsteps, bringing all manner of brands to life with the written word.

Associate Creative Director

Dave Kasey

From body surfing 12-foot waves in the eye of a hurricane with his cousins to sharing a high school locker with a future mob enforcer, Dave draws inspiration from rubbing elbows with a lifelong cast of characters—as well as storytellers like Jack Kerouac and Sergio Leone—to develop award-winning advertising across all channels and all continents. Dave helped create international brand icons Chester Cheetah for Cheetos and the Budweiser Ants.

Design Supervisor

Scott Harwood

With a successful artist for a father, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Scott’s early creativity developed into a passion for photography, which he studied, along with Design, at Columbia College in Chicago. He freelanced as a photographer before honing his design chops, doing high-end retouching and a little of everything, at leading production studios around the city. For years, Scott enhanced the image of big-time advertisers like P&G, Miller/Coors and Kraft. When not doing the same for Norton’s clients, Scott has been known to take his camera and plunge into underwater lava tubes off Maui, dive with sharks around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and rip one of Richard Petty’s race cars around the Milwaukee Mile in a pedal-to-the-metal adrenaline rush. Scott doubles as a devoted, suburban family guy with a wife and two daughters.

Senior Art Director

Steve Haack

As part of an Urban Studies program at Ripon College, Steve worked in the graphics art department for Chicago’s City Hall. After winning an advertising contest, Steve re-envisioned his career. He headed out to the Art Center in Pasadena, specializing in Advertising Design. Recruited by a large Chicago agency with too many art directors, Steve wrote copy until his spelling landed him a permanent position on the art side. The list of accounts Steve has shaped is blue chip – Dewars Scotch, Cadillac, Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s and more. And the list of awards Steve has earned is pure gold. Steve continues to create head-turning work at Norton and outside of work he enjoys designing ball caps with fresh logos for storied franchises, like the Cubbies (his fourth love, after his wife, son and daughter).

Senior Copywriter

Justin McLeod

Nobody has ever referred to Justin as the Tarantino of marketing writers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Drawing on a lifetime of far-flung influences, this Illinois native has applied his affinity for wordsmithing to pharma campaigns for the likes of Genzyme, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline. A love of music, a literary flair and the spirit of an outdoorsman have all contributed to Justin’s inventive creative mindset, enabling him to produce clear, compelling stories for Norton’s brands. He really wanted to end his bio with a Pulp Fiction quote, but the good ones were all profanity-ridden.

Art Director

Erin Strong

From constructing homemade birthday cards to scrapbooking and storytelling, Erin is your go-to girl on crafty creative projects. Originally from western New York, this art directing East Coast transplant creates powerful designs with strong meaning. Erin brings her creative eye to Norton, designing campaigns for everything from pharma and medical to building products. After hours, you’ll find her at the gym, putting in miles on the treadmill, or at home hanging with a different Miles – her cuddly Pitbull-Labrador mix.

Digital Art Director

Sam Bidwell

True to his Cinncy roots, Sam is a rabid Reds and Bengals fan. And as they say in sports, he has a great motor. Keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape, he translates his print layout chops onto digital platforms. He’s crafted integrated campaigns for automotive, beverage and casino gaming brands. But can the virtual world keep up with Sam? In the past few months, he’s run his first Half Marathon, tied the knot, bought a condo unit and joined Norton. Of course, he did all the design work for the wedding invitations. Now, with his brilliant eye brightening Norton’s accounts, we expect our clients will be living happily ever after.

Account Supervisor

Jessica Marx

Don’t let her rural roots fool you, this North Dakota native’s career hasn’t skipped a beat since arriving in the big city. Jessica drew upon an interest in journalism and her event-marketing experience for Clinique to major in Public Relations at Roosevelt University. While studying abroad in London, she interned with celebrity fashion designer Jenny Packham. Fresh out of school, she landed at Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, where she guided email marketing for Sears. Jessica moved on to Marc USA, expanding her expertise in the digital marketing world before she caught our eye here at Norton. Now, we’re proud to have her overseeing a portion of our Alcon contact lens accounts. Between client presentations, Jessica daydreams of sunny afternoons at her Minnesota cabin retreat, teaching her two young kids to paddleboard – and track website metrics.

Senior Account Executive

Juliane Stagat

Having grown up in Germany with four German Shepherds, it’s no surprise that Juliane loves dogs (as a child, she was a champion dog trainer!). With her champion training skills, her degree in Marketing and a background in Management, Economics and English, Juliane seamlessly transitioned into account management. She started as an intern at Serviceplan during University and moved steadily up to a Senior Account Executive, managing multiple accounts including the German Federal Ministry of Defense, the German Federal Pension Fund, Stabilo and Mattress Firm. Juliane brings her vast experience to Norton, and since she couldn’t bring her own dog, Spike, to the States when she moved from Berlin, she gets her dog fix by volunteering every weekend at the Anti-Cruelty Society.

Senior Account Executive

Megan Fricke

Megan knows the recipe for success. After graduating with a B.A. in Marketing and Public Relations from Columbia College Chicago, Megan took her skills to the culinary world where she helped run a restaurant, and discovered that in addition to being a sweet talker, she makes the best red velvet cupcake. Having conquered the kitchen, Megan returned to marketing and account management and honed her skills in the world of healthcare and medical device marketing at Publicis. She brings her expertise to Norton, where she whips up campaign strategies and mixes the right ingredients to help client relationships rise to perfection. When not at work, Megan is hanging with her dog Weasley, an adorable Pit-Shepherd mix who we assume is one happy taste-tester.

Senior Account Executive

Caroline Christy

Much like the old Neil Diamond classic, Caroline is fond of the sweet things in life. As a proud Northwestern alum, she loves Big10 sports and savors every sweet victory from her beloved Wildcats — she even tends her own purple flower garden. In her past work as an experiential marketer, Caroline helped bring a video game to life at San Diego Comic-Con, where she promoted the smash hit Assassin’s Creed for Ubisoft. She also contributed to the Sweets and Snack Expo on behalf of Storck candies chocolates and caramels. And now, Caroline has found her sweet spot on the Norton Account Services team, where she supports our clients at James Hardie. As a swimmer-turned- runner and an overall active person, Caroline lives for summer in Chicago. She also loves the Chicago restaurant scene; recommended spots for something sweet include Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Doughnut Vault. With Caroline lending her distinct perspective and well-rounded skillset to the Norton team, the good times never seemed so good.

Assistant Account Executive

Allie Dvorchak

Allie has never been one to shy away from a challenge. At 7-years-old, this Midwest native told her parents she wanted to join a swim team. It was no easy task with the grueling early morning practices and hikes through the snow to get to the pool. But that didn’t stop Allie. She continued to swim competitively through all four years at Butler University while pursuing dual degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Allie returns to Norton, having interned in Account Service a few summers ago, with her perseverance in tow and ready to continue the outstanding work she started.

Supervisor, Content and Creative Services

Julie Giesen

Julie is truly a fitness nut. This workout fiend is a runner who practices pilates, windsurfs when she can and is a certified scuba diver. As a senior account supervisor, she dives into every project with her active spirit in tow – steering campaigns around speedbumps and over the gnarliest waves. She’s worked at agencies big and small, creating campaigns for Sears, Ulta Beauty and Citigroup. When she’s not working (or working out), she’s prepping for her next vacation, where all she needs is a beach, a book and a great spot to wine and dine.

Senior Designer

Silvia Ortiz

From camping with her family to cheering on her kids at their gymnastics meets and baseball games to shoveling snow – Silvia jumps at every opportunity to embrace the great outdoors. This active artist not only loves being outside, she creates campaigns by thinking outside the box. She brings her experiences designing in the fields of publishing and healthcare to Norton where she crafts campaigns that continue to expand the creative boundaries. When indoors, Silvia’s sketching out new designs while listening to her favorite music – country.

Senior Production Supervisor

PJ Jones

We had a tough time coming up with a title for PJ. The fact is, nobody wears as many hats for Norton as PJ, whose full first name is (sorry, we promised not to tell). As might be expected from a multi-tasker, PJ has multiple interests as well, including fine art, photography, cooking the world’s greatest barbequed pork and playing the blues guitar. Howlin’ Wolf, preferred.

Senior Production Supervisor

Ryan Baehr

With a last name pronounced like “bear” it’s only fitting that Ryan is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. Ryan not only attends Cubs games, he also plays in a softball league once a week to keep his own skills sharp, and he’s the proud papa bear to his own little cub, Oliver. As a senior production artist and supervisor, Ryan has managed teams of PAs and refined campaigns for clients ranging from Kraft and Corona to Motorola and SC Johnson. After rounding the bases at 141 Worldwide, Ogilvy and RPM Advertising, Ryan returns home to Norton, ready to swing for the fences on every campaign.

Quality Assurance

Paul Bjorneberg

Our director of quality assurance’s mantra is “Get It Right the First Time.” E-mail blasts, ads, website copy, video storyboards—nothing produced at our agency leaves our agency before this guy fine-tooth-comb checks (and double-checks) it. He lives by the rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and brand standards. And the benefits of good quality eye drops.*

Business Manager

Karl Kruger

A well-rounded academic resume is the foundation of Karl’s Business Management skill. He holds a Political Science degree, an MBA and a Masters in marketing. Between degrees, he spent some time living in the Dominican Republic, where he taught English and appreciated the local selection of Caribbean rum. Karl enjoys tennis, volleyball, traveling and being a generally on-the-go person. And while his poly-sci days are largely behind him, Karl remains a news junkie and a devoted follower of politics.

Office Manager

Rebecca Coglianese

Rebecca brings a worldly perspective and a flair for linguistics to the Norton team. As a student at DePaul University, she majored in Communication Studies and minored in Italian. She studied abroad in Rome, where she fine-tuned the art of la bella vita and sampled all the pasta and gelato that the Eternal City has to offer. She also dabbles in Spanish and French, rounding out a nice trifecta of Romance languages. Prior to joining Norton, Rebecca worked as a sales associate and customer service coordinator for a travel agency, where she helped vacationers discover choice destinations throughout Italy and Croatia. She is now excited to be making her first foray into advertising. Rebecca possesses a keen creative eye, especially for photography, which she practices as a hobby. She is an avid reader of travel memoirs, and odds are she’ll write the book on traveling Italy herself one day.

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